Short-Term Staffing

Project Employees

A pilot project has been established to provide an alternate means of undertaking "time limited" project work. Given the nature of the provisions, it is very unlikely that project employee status, as per BCGEU Collective Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding #20, will be of interest to current, regular BC Government GEU, PEA or excluded employees.

This provision was negotiated in order to provide management with additional flexibilities in completing certain kinds of work. It also anticipated that the pilot would facilitate a reduction in the number of contractors engaged to do work which could be performed by employees.

Limited Term

This appointment may be used for assignments of less than 31 calendar days. Limited term employees receive salary from payroll just like regular employees but retain no rights under a collective agreement or the terms and conditions for excluded employees.

*Note* If there is a chance that the assignment may go beyond the 31 days, please contact MyHR.