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Lecan Solution is one of the Leading Recruitment Agency in India. As a top placement consultat and recruiting agency, we focuss on End-to-End IT/Non IT Recruitment Services like Executive Search, Permanent Placement and contract Staffing.

Lecan Solution IT Staff Outsourcing is designed for partners who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a fixed length of time. Our Staff Outsourcing service allows our partners to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full time staff. Lecan Solution will take full responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then recruitment, maintaining the payroll, retaining and replacement, of these staff while allowing our partners to focus on the staff's day-to-day management.

With our efficient Recruitment Processes, employee benefits, training & development and retention policies; the partner can stay assured that we keep our services and staff to professional standards.

We carefully select employees by thoroughly testing every aspect like their technical skills, service mind and their competence to do their job. We also make sure our people continuously learning new skills and technologies. The company regularly provides both internal and external trainings from leading software institutions as well as encourages our team members to take certification examinations by giving then special incentives and rewards. This makes sure our people are ready for the next challenge.

Staffing Solution offered by

Access to Resource Pool: Lecan Solution specialists have access to the necessary resources, databases, technologies, networks and expertise to scan the local and global markets to find the best possible match for your skill set requirements.

Screening Customized to your Requirements: Our screening experts don't just stop at finding the right skill match for you, but go further to ensure that the candidate possesses the right focus and commitment to align with your objectives, add value and evolve with the enterprise. With the flexibility in Ramping up and down of resources, Staff levels can be managed to be at productive levels all year.

Time to Market & Branding: With a dedicated Human Resource Management partner at your disposal, you can be assured of talent needs being fulfilled at an accelerated pace, as our technical recruiters take care of the preliminary selection and screening processes, saving your precious time. Also, since the resources are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive thus reducing training cost.

Bench Strength: Adequate bench maintained as a backup and active pipeline managed for scalability on short notices

Leveraging our Experience: Lecan Solution Recruitment Staff and Relationship Managers are capable and trained not only to manage, but also motivate talented professionals, so that they deliver their best in alignment with your organization's objectives. With a high absorption and low dropout rate, Lecan Solution boasts of a staff augmentation solution that is both, cost effective and high quality.